The Operations E.A.S.Y Mission

It All Starts With Intention

Our efforts are aimed at sensitizing schools, parents, the community and the business world to the needs of at-risk youth. We support their existing efforts to provide services and mobilize the uninvolved into active participation in the lives of our youth.

Operation EASY in Action

Serving the Portland Community Since 1986

Where Is Saturday School

Saturday School is at St. Andrews Catholic Church, located at 806 NE Alberta St.


Want to give back?

In honor of one of our most beloved supports, Jack Burns, Chairman and founder of Burns Bros Inc, we are proud to accept anyone who want to make a positive impact on the world to join our close-knit Team of volunteers.

Operation EASY starts with the children in our lives, or the children soon to be a part of your life.


Questions about Saturday School or Operations E.A.S.Y?

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  • Booking Phone: (503) 501-8061
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